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The application of femtosecond laser technology in cataract surgery provides safer and more accurate surgical procedures for complex cataracts. However, femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery
Li Shuwen,Yuan Jiali,Zhang Xiaomeng
Cold agglutination refers to the phenomenon that red blood cells agglomerate in a cold environment caused by autoantibodies. The cold agglutination reaction generally appears below 31 ℃,the strongest
【Abstract】Objective To compare the effects of multi zone forward optical defocus lens (DIMS) and orthokeratology lens (OK lens) on myopia control in children and adolescents. Methods Retrospective
Liu Dandan
Fungal keratitis is a common infectious corneal disease. The etiology is often seen in fungal infection secondary to corneal trauma. Characteristics: slow onset and long course of disease. If the path
Wang Xiaofei ,Duan Xiaowei
Absence of the inferior rectus muscle is a congenital dysplasia, which is relatively rare. It can be combined with other ocular developmental abnormalities, such as ptosis, palpebral fissure widening,
Huo Xinxin
Clinical efficacy of high aspherical microlenses in correcting myopia in children and adolescents of different age groups
Objective To observe the control effect of wearing high aspherical microlens
Objective: To compare the effect of myopia prevention and control in children of different ages wearing orthokeratology lenses.
Methods: from January 2022 to October 2023, 39 patients (65 e
Zhao Xiaoli, Hao Junhua Department of refraction,H
Primary thrombocytosis is a clonal proliferative disease of hematopoietic stem cells, which belongs to a kind of bone marrow proliferative tumor. Its annual incidence is (1.2-3.0) / 100000, and women
Objective To investigate the effect of topical anesthetics lidocaine and obucaine in the treatment of electrooptic ophthalmia.
Methods patients with electro-optic ophthalmia diagnosed in our
Antielevation syndrome (AES) is one of the postoperative complications of the inferior oblique muscle. It is manifested by strabismus at the time of surgery, limited upward rotation during external ro
Objective: To observe the effect of orthokeratology on myopia prevention and control in children.
Methods: the changes of ocular axis of 6 adolescent patients (12 eyes) who were fitted with
Corneal ulcer is a disease that seriously endangers the eyeball. If the ulcer spreads to the deep part of the cornea, it will lead to prolonged healing time, and it is easy to recur, causing serious d
With the aging of China's population, the incidence of cataract is also rising. The continuous progress and innovation of science and technology have made rapid progress in cataract treatment. Surgica
For the diagnosis of Fuchs syndrome, sometimes it is easy to be misdiagnosed or misdiagnosed. This paper, combined with a patient treated in our hospital, makes a systematic elaboration on the disease
The patient, male, 45 years old, was mainly due to right exotropia for more than 30 years and requested to improve the appearance. The patient's right eye was stabbed by a pencil 30 years ago and unde
Feng Zhifang,Wang Yufeng,Yuan Chenxing, Yuan Yongl
Corneal foreign body refers to an ophthalmic emergency characterized by persistent foreign body sensation, redness, tearing, photophobia, etc., caused by the attachment or embedding of iron shavings,
Amblyopia is a common eye disease in children in clinic, with a domestic incidence rate of 3-5%. A 14-year-old patient with severe anisometropic amblyopia was admitted to the outpatient department, an
Myopia is a common clinical ametropia, and its incidence rate is increasing, which brings some inconvenience to life. For hearing-impaired individuals, there is a closer correlation between vision and
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